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The primary focus of Oncology Clinical Research at LLUCC is to help to educate patients and physicians of the treatment options through clinical research. The Clinical Research Coordinators and physicians work together with the departments of Radiation Medicine, Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Pediatric Oncology, Palliative Care and Home Health Services to provide patients with treatment and supportive services during their disease process. It is our goal to offer a clinical trial for every Center of Excellence at Loma Linda Cancer Center.

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About clinical trials

Please download our most current lists of adult and pediatric clinical research trials below. For additional information, you may contact our Oncology Clinical Research office. Posting of these clinical trials have been approved by the Loma Linda University Institutional Review Board.

Current clinical trials

For information about other oncology clinical trials, you may also visit these websites:

Biospecimen Laboratory

Watch Donating Your Tissue for Research NCI video.

LLUCC Biospecimen Laboratory video

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The LLUCC Biospecimen Laboratory provides specimens for researchers as they search for the causes of cancer, and look for new means of prevention and treatment. Many different kinds of studies use specimens. The results from the study of your specimens will be used for research purposes only and will not be given to you or your doctor.

The specimens include tissues, blood products (blood cell, plasma and serum) and bone marrow cells. The specimens and certain medical information about you (for example: age, gender, race, diagnosis, stage of disease and treatment) may be given to these researchers. Any patient identification information is not given to researchers. In addition to collecting your remaining specimens, the biospecimen laboratory will collect extra blood (2 Tablespoons) for research purposes through tubes already in place for your surgery or procedure.

Trained personnel at Loma Linda University Medical Center will collect your blood. If you agree, the Cancer Center may re-contact and ask you for extra blood collections during or after your treatments. The research may also ask about collecting a portion of any additional specimens that have been taken during that time. Blood collection will take place when it is collected for your regular medical care. The researchers will not collect extra blood if they think it will cause any additional risk, discomfort or pain.


By providing specimens to the Biospecimen Laboratory patients may experience minimal risks. Any tissue or blood taken from you will come through cuts or tubes needed for your surgery or procedure and should not cause you any risk, discomfort or pain beyond what is normally expected from your surgery. The greatest risk to you is the release of information from your health records. The Biospecimen Laboratory will protect your medical information in a password secure database so that your identification is kept private.


You will not benefit directly from allowing your specimen to be used for research. Donors of specimens do not retain any property rights to the materials. However, we hope that the information obtained from your donated specimen(s) will result in new products, tests or discoveries and will help in the treatment of future patients. You are free to change your mind at any time without prejudice to your care or loss of benefits. Please contact your doctor if you do not want your specimen to be used in any future research. Any specimen that has already been used in research cannot be returned, however, all unused donated specimens can be disposed.


There are no costs to you for donating your specimens. You will not be paid for donating your specimens. Loma Linda University Cancer Center may receive payment from researchers requesting specimens to cover the costs of collecting and storing the specimens. If any new products, tests or discoveries, resulting from research using your specimen, turn out to be valuable, that discovery will belong to the researcher and you will not share in any money. If you wish to donate your specimen(s) at the time of your procedure or surgery for cancer, you will need to sign an Informed Consent for Biospecimen Banking. Please talk to your physician if you wish to donate your specimen to the Loma Linda University Cancer Center Biospecimen Laboratory.


Researchers interested in gaining access to the biospecimen laboratory’s samples should email Dr. Saied Mirshahidi, requesting access.

Visit the Open Specimen website to view the number and types of samples available.

Complete the Biospecimen Laboratory Tissue Request form to request specimen for research studies.