Loma Linda University Cancer Center

The Loma Linda University Cancer Center (LLUCC) provides patient-focused, world-class care, provided by highly respected specialists in a convenient and accessible environment. The best cancer care requires highly skilled and compassionate providers who understand the complexity of your needs. Our commitment to whole person care ensures that the entire cancer treatment process is individualized and focused on treating your physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

The LLUCC serves as a portal to 11 teams that treat specific types of cancer. This ensures that every patient’s care is comprehensive, individualized and meets our mission to make man whole through healing the whole person—body, mind and spirit.

Cancers and treatments

Each of our 11 Centers of Excellence has expert physicians and staff dedicated to understanding the details of each patient’s condition. This ensures that every patient’s care is comprehensive, individualized and meets our mission to make man whole through healing the whole person—body, mind and spirit.

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Breast cancer | Prostate/genitourinary cancerGastroenterology cancer | Gynecological cancer | Head and neck cancer | Hematology cancer | Neurological cancer | Pediatric cancer | Skin cancer | Soft tissue/skeletal cancer | Thoracic cancer

Innovative cancer care all in one center

At Loma Linda University Cancer Center one of our goals is to continue to find new and innovative options for cancer treatment. By using the most effective technology, conducting research and providing numerous support services, we provide comprehensive, individualized care when treating cancer.


Support services

Our extensive support services and cancer resource center is designed to bring cancer-related information to a single location for your convenience. The Resource Center has a variety of resources available to help you better understand cancer prevention, early detection, the latest treatment options, research and more. Our support groups and services are available to patients through their treatment and into our survivorship program.

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Proton treatment and research center

Our center has the first hospital-based proton treatment center. With over 25 years experience in proton therapy our center is unsurpassed in the treatment of cancer using protons.

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Cancer research center

LLUCC's Oncology Clinical Research Program allows cancer patients, either newly diagnosed or those presently under treatment, to participate in leading-edge clinical trials through their own oncologists. The program also participates in cancer-control trials. Resources such as the Biospecimen Laboratory promote translational research by allowing patients to have their cancer tissue preserved for study, in order to help clinicians find better ways to treat the cancer.

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Advanced imaging capabilities

At LLUCC we offer the latest diagnostic tools including the only breast MRI in the region. Our goal is to facilitate state of the art care from diagnosis through survivorship.


Robotic surgery center

As the region's first hospital to offer robotic surgery our surgeons are unsurpassed in their experience. Robotic and minimally invasive surgery is an option for some forms of cancer and allows patients quicker recovery time and less complications then traditional surgery.

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Call Center

We are here to answer your questions.
Our Cancer Call Center will provide friendly and compassionate customer service, educational materials, information and referrals for anything related to cancer care at Loma Linda University Medical Center. We are here to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. All calls for cancer services at Loma Linda University Medical Center will come through our Call Center.

1-800-78-CANCER (1-800-782-2623)


I've seen the love for others at Loma Linda. Angela Olvera, uterine cancer survivor